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Human Energy Fields and the Christian Faith

I am always very reluctant to bring up the topic of the body’s energy field because there is so much controversy and misunderstandings surrounding this topic. Many people have been led to believe that everything related to this topic is “ungodly”, “demonic” and “new age-ish”. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that new-age movements and other false religions or cults have taken the concept of the body’s energy field and developed it into something it was never meant to be. But just because they have taken something that God created and abused it for their own interests this is no reason for Christians to completely reject it. If anything, I would think it would be a reason for Christians to take a stand and reclaim it and show the world what it was really intended to be.

But before you label me as a fanatic, or jump to any conclusions, let me say this one thing . . .

If you are approaching this topic with a great deal of reluctance or caution, you are right to do so. The Scriptures encourage caution and tell us not to believe every spirit, “but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.” (1 John 4:1).

My study of this topic has involved a lot of prayer and a great deal of caution, and while it is extremely frustrating and discouraging to receive a lot of push back and criticism from others, at the same time I know I would also be offended and discouraged if someone were to merely accept everything I said on the topic without testing out its truths.

I have tried to approach this topic from a very scientific and Biblically based perspective, but I am no expert on the topic. My goal is not to give you all the “answers” or to make any claims regarding what the Christian perspective aught to be on the topic. Rather, my intent is to present a scientific and Biblical perspective on the topic which I hope can serve as a platform or a “starting place” for believers who are interested in this topic but need help establishing a good, solid foundation for their study.

If you are not feeling cautious in regards to this topic, I would warn you. There are a lot of strange, and even dangerous teachings centered around this topic. Satan has had his hand in this for quite some time. He is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), and he is the father of lies who loves to take beautiful truths and twist them to his advantage (John 8:44).

In my own study of this topic, I have taken it up many times only to set it aside again for a while because I noticed the lines between truth and deceit were growing less distinct or clear. There are a lot of seemingly “gray areas” in this topic, where truth and cultic beliefs are so mixed and intertwined that it can be difficult to tell them apart. This is why it is so important to have a firm foundation and clear guidelines to help test and prove what is right and true.  

I would really like to encourage that you spend a great deal of time in prayer, seeking God’s direction before diving into this study. He is the one who created the human body in all its complexity. He is the one who breathed in us the breath of life, and made us to live, move, think, and feel. He is the one who created the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. And He is the one who grants wisdom and discernment to those who earnestly seek Him.

So I would encourage you to be earnest in seeking His guidance as you study this topic. And if, at anytime, you find the lines growing dim or the areas growing gray I would encourage you to take a break from the study and step back to regain focus and seeking God’s guidance before taking it up again.    

Energy fields are not a new discovery, and they are not “cultish” in nature. There is a great deal of scientific evidence to prove their existence and every individual, through their actions, thoughts, and emotions, influence the state of their energy field without even realizing it.

For a great many Christians, the topic of the energy fields is one that they are most decidedly against and very animate in opposing. And yet, even in the Christian faith there are many practices and spiritual disciplines that have a very direct affect in healing and balancing the energy field. Some of these practices include: prayers of confession, adoration, or thanksgiving, times of quiet meditation, the laying on of hands, the giving of blessings, the taking of communion, the shaking of hands, the giving of hugs, engaging in fellowship with other believers . . . and the list goes on and on.

Science has shown us that each and every one of us has a field of energy that surrounds and infiltrates our bodies and this energy responds to the presence of another person’s energy as well as responding to our own emotions and thoughts.

Science has also shown that in many cases an illness or disease shows itself in the energy field long before it manifests itself physically and in many cases the balancing of the energy field is a critical part in the recovery process, be it a chronic illness, acute ailment, or even an injury of some kind.

What’s more, oils (especially olive oil or essential oils) have the ability to stimulate and influence the flow of this energy and, when used properly, can be highly beneficial in bringing this energy into balance.

Several years ago, when I first began looking into the topic, I was very intrigued but also very concerned. At the time I could not see any clear clear lines between what was scientific and what was “cultic” and I did not feel like my faith or my knowledge of the scriptures was sufficient for navigating all the “gray areas”.

For this reason, I set the topic aside for a time and decided not to pursue it any further.

I could not completely dismiss it from my mind, however, and I found that the topic kept coming up in the studies I did regarding integrated holistic health. I also felt that as I studied the scriptures, God began to give me insights into the topic and to show me ways in which I could establish clear, Biblical guidelines to help navigate through all the information and controversy of the topic.

I certainly don’t have everything figured out and would not consider myself to be an expert on the subject, but I do feel like God has granted me some great insights into the topic that can be helpful to anyone interested in learning more about this topic.


I am still in the process of compiling information and developing materials to help Christians in the study of the body’s energy field, but the following documents are ones I have developed so far.

I would suggest that in using these documents, that you start with the first one and move down the line in order, as they tend to build off of each other and will make more sense if worked through in order.

If you have any questions, or if something is not clear to you as you read through the documents, feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to answer any questions or provide further explanations.

My email address is:

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