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Charting Your Way Through Cancer

April 14, 2016

For the longest time I have been very reluctant to address the topic of cancer. Even in just trying to research the topic, you come across so much controversial “evidence” that it seems impossible to sift through it all to discover what the truth really is. And when even the top scientists admit that they do not fully understand cancer and are still, themselves, searching for a cure . . . it seems vain to think that I might have anything to contribute on such a topic.

But recently I had a friend of mine die of cancer, and even more recently another good friend get diagnosed with cancer, so I have found that I cannot put this off any longer. For there is no better inspiration for researching this topic than to suffer the loss of a dear friend and then be faced with the possibility of losing another.

And so, I open up the topic of cancer in the hopes that I might be a help (or at the very least an encouragement) to those who are seeking to map out their course through these uncharted waters.

The Fear Factor

The very word “cancer” is enough to strike fear into our hearts. In our generation there is hardly a person who does not have a friend or relative who is currently struggling with cancer or who knows someone who died of cancer. The number of people who died of cancer in the year 2015 is estimated to be around 590,000 in the US alone! (See Cancer Facts and Statistics).

Cancer is, perhaps, the most feared disease in our generation. And why not? Cancer is a very frightening disease. It can affect any person of any age. It silently creeps in on a seemingly healthy person. And it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate.  

There are a lot of fears associated with cancer. Fear that you, or someone you love, will get cancer. Fear of the harsh measures that must be taken to treat it. Fear that the cancer will never fully be gone but may at any time come back to haunt you. Fear of the unknowns (as science has still left a great many unanswered questions about this topic). Fear of making the wrong decisions regarding what course of action to take in fighting the cancer. Fear in not knowing who to trust when every field of medicine seems so certain of their methods for addressing cancer and can’t seem to agree with the other medical fields. There is just so much conflicting information out there that how is a person supposed to know what is true or right or best?

I could go on and on listing the many fears associate with cancer, but I am sure you are already all too familiar with them.

But what I want to point out is that fear alone is a key issue that needs to be addressed. Fear itself can produce chemicals in your body that will break down your immune system and compromise your health. Fear can also cloud your thinking and hinder your ability to make wise decisions.

If you are going to be successful in charting a path through cancer, you need to rise above the waves of fear, and I believe the best way to do this is to educate yourself and become well informed of what cancer is and what your options are.

Fear Cancer No More

“Fear Cancer No More” is a book that I have found to be extremely helpful and informative on the whole issue of cancer.

It addresses the whole question of what cancer is, and explains it in layman’s terms so that even the average person with no medical training can understand what exactly goes on in the body when cells “become cancerous”.

One thing I appreciate about this book is that it is relatively short and very easy to read. It is highly informative without being overwhelming, and is written in a way that will encourage and put your mind at ease.

I would highly recommend this book, as it has proven to be one the most helpful resources I have yet found on the topic.

Find this book on Amazon

A Cancer Battle Plan

“A Cancer Battle Plan” is a book written by a woman who recovered from cancer after the doctors labeled her as a “hopeless case”.

In her book, Anne Frahm presents her story, along with a detailed account of what she did to finally get rid of cancer once and for all.

She presents 6 strategies for beating cancer, many of which have to do with strict diet and nutrition.

There are many, many books and testimonies being given by people who cured themselves of cancer through nutrition and lifestyle alterations. But this book is more than just a testimony, it is a very helpful resource for anyone looking for a specific nutritional “battle plan” for combating cancer.

Find this book on Amazon

The Holistic Approach

As a naturopath, I have taken a great interest in chronic health and the integrated, holistic approach to treating chronic illnesses. Someday I would love to give a training course or classes in regards to the topic, because I have found so much on the topic that I feel has been revolutionary in regards to chronic illnesses, and such a lot of great, helpful information that just isn’t being taught to the general public.

I, myself, was diagnosed with the chronic “syndrome” of Fibromyalgia. I was told that it was incurable and that the best that could be done for me was to learn ways in which it could be “managed”.

I praise God that today I can say with confidence that I am completely free of Fibromyalgia. After a 3-1/2 year struggle to find the cure, I can finally say that I no longer have Fibromyalgia. It has been almost 4 years now that I have been completely free of Fibromyalgia symptoms.

In the study of chronic illness, I have come to the realization that the only way to have a true and lasting cure is to take a holistic approach to treating it.

Chronic illnesses do not “just happen”. They’re not like the flu where you can contract it by merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A chronic illness takes time to develop in the body and is always the result of multiple contributing factors.

It has been my experience that there are always at least two contributing factors (or underlying causes) for a chronic illness. In many cases there are even more than two, but there will always be at least two underlying causes . . . one cause will determine which kind of chronic illness a person develops and the other cause will determine where in the body the chronic illness will manifest itself.

This is true in the case of cancer as well.

In the study of cancer I have observed no real difference between the success or failure statistics that compare the standard treatment methods and the alternative treatment methods.

Both fields present completely opposite approaches to treating cancer and they both have their share of success stories as well as their failure cases.

We can complain all we like about the conventional methods only treating the “symptoms of cancer” and not the underlying cause, but if we are totally honest and fare in our evaluation we would find that the same can be said of many natural “alternative methods” as well.

If a person developed cancer because they had a weak immune system and poor nutrition, or because they had a lifestyle habit (such as smoking) that contributed to the development of cancer . . . then altering the diet, addressing their lifestyle habits, and supplementing their nutrition could be enough to address their “underlying cause”. But if there is an emotional, psychological, spiritual, environmental, or some other underlying cause that isn’t addressed by the natural treatments, then the natural treatments are not any better than the conventional methods because they did not resolve the initial problem of why the person developed cancer in the first place.

At the same time, if someone goes the route of conventional medicine and sees their cancer case as a “wake up call” to make changes to their lifestyle, alter their diet, and take better control of their health and fitness, that can often be enough to address their “underlying cause” and prove the conventional treatments to be effective and successful. But if there is more to it than that, and the underlying cause of the cancer is not addressed, then the success of these conventional treatments will only be temporary because the initial problem is still there in the body and will manifest itself again later on.

The way I see it, the key to success is not whether you choose the conventional or natural methods of treatment . . . the key to success essentially lies in uncovering and resolving the underlying issues, which requires an extensive holistic healing approach.

The Genetic Factor

We have all heard about “scientific evidence” that tells us that cancer tends to be a genetic issue. From what we have been taught about genetics it is easy to feel like a “victim” when we find ourselves faced with cancer. It seems unfair that something so “out of our control” would cause such havoc in our lives.

Well, if you’ve never heard it before let me be the first to tell you . . . you are not a victim of your genetic code!

More recent scientific testing has discovered the amazing reality that you are in control of your genes!

Yes, it is true that a person who has a family history of cancer is at a higher risk for developing cancer than a person with cancer history in their genes. But the amazing thing about the genes is that you can control whether or not your body responds to those genetics, or if they will lie dormant and never express themselves in your body.

The decisions you make on a daily basis, your health and lifestyle choices, your train of mental thought, your emotions and how you deal with stress and negative emotions . . .  each and every cell in your body is looking to you and your habits, thoughts, and emotions to determine how they should “read” the genetic code, and which genes they should allow to express themselves and manifest themselves in your body.

In other words, the code for cancer may be there sitting in your genetic code, but the cells of the body are asking you whether or not that code should be allowed to express itself.

There is so much more to be said on this topic, but I would encourage you to read the following article if you are interested in more details. And don’t just stick to the one article. This particular article is one that I found to be very helpful in explaining the topic, but there is a lot of information out there on the subject, and I would highly encourage you to look into it more.

>> Epigenetic vs. Determinism: Falling for This Myth Could Give You Cancer

What Would You Do?

If you were to ask someone what they would do if they had cancer, more often than not they wouldn’t know what to tell you. It is hard to think up a “theoretical” plan of action for a disease that you do not have, especially one that has so much controversy between the different treatment options.

For me, personally, I know that I was very reluctant for the longest time to really hold any position in regards to a cancer treatment. I found the topic much too overwhelming and lived with the optimistic view that “it will never happen to me” or “if it does happen then I’ll know in the moment what course of action is best”.

Well, I have since been convinced otherwise. Cancer is on the rise in our society. It can happen to anyone at any time and I want to at least have a potential plan of action in place and know where I stand in the midst of all the controversy.

So, after a great deal of research, thought, and careful consideration, I have finally come up with an answer to the question of what I would do if faced with cancer.

If you are interested, you can read the full account in the following document:

>> Holistic Approach to Battling Cancer

Testing for Cancer

If you choose to go with an “alternative” method of battling cancer, you may find yourself wondering how you can know whether or not the treatment is working.

There are several test options available (several of which are lesser known). The following article is very helpful in laying out what the different options are for tracking the presence, progression, or remission of cancer in the body:

>> How Much Cancer Do You Have? How to Measure Your Progress

Health Consultations

If you are interested in taking a more holistic look at your cancer case and seeking to discover what the underlying issues may have been the cause of your cancer, I am a certified naturopath and would be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

For general questions or inquiries, or to learn more about what a holistic approach would look like, you can email me at:

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