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Correspondence Courses
I have had a lot of people asking me for recommendations for where they can study more about herbs, health, and natural (or alternative) healing. There are a lot of different courses available and a lot of different topics to study in this field. Listed below are some of the best courses available.

1) Herbal Healer Academy
The Herbal Healer Academy has a lot of classes available by correspondence. Their Herbology Certificate Course contains 22 lessons that gives you good overview of basic health and nutrition, massage & reflexology, herb gardening, and the very practical skills of learning to make tinctures, salves, cough syrups, and more. This is a very hands-on program. There is no pressure of a time limit, which is perfect for the busy mom who may not have much time to devote to studies. There is also no obligation to finish the course, so it is a good choice for someone who is curious about natural medicine but not necessarily wanting to become a certified herbalist. If you choose to complete this course and pass the final exam you will receive a certificate for herbology.

This is only one of the many correspondence classes that are offered by the Herbal Healer Academy. Other classes include:
* Nutrition & Chemistry
* Anatomy & Physiology
* Reflexology
* Acupressure / Acupuncture
* Homeopathy
* Massage, Bodywork, and the Healing Touch
* Chronic Disease, Plagues, and Death & Dying
* Basic Business and the Practice of Naturopathy
* Chinese Medicine
* Vibrational Medicine Techniques

View the Complete List of Correspondence Courses offered by Herbal Healer Academy.

2) The Blackford Centre
Earn a Diploma in Herbal Medicine from the Blackford Centre for Herbal Medicine. This is essentially the same course that I took when I was first getting started in herbal medicine. It is centered out of the UK, but the topics and plants covered in the curriculum are relevant in the US as well. All the books and supplies you need are included in a single kit that they will mail to your address. The lessons are simple and straight forward. You can work entirely at your own pace with no pressure or time limits. At the end of each lesson there is a case study you complete and send to the tutor that has been assigned to you. These case studies are the only part of your work that gets graded. There is no final exam. When you complete the course you are given a diploma as well as a certificate of achievement by their accreditation body (ABC Awards).
Also offering a Nutritionists Diploma Course.

3) Trinity School of Natural Health
If you are wanting to study natural health from a Christian perspective this is a good option for you, especially if you are interested in higher levels of certification. They offer a wide selection of programs, including higher level programs for becoming a Master Nutritionist, a Master Iridologists, a Master Herbalist, or even a Doctor of Naturopathy.
I am currently taking their Master Herbalist program and have been very pleased with it thus far.

Other Courses
There are many, many other courses out there, here are a few more that you could look into if you are interested (please note that not all of these are done by correspondence):
* No Greater Joy (Free Lessons)
* Essential Oils Basics (Free 14 Day E-course)
* Learning Herbs (Free Online Video Course)
* The Herbs Place (Free Online Classes)